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Heyhey! I know I sometime get those times where I just don’t blog at all, but this time I actually have a reason for it. Me and the whole family here managed to get ourselves a horrible fever and cough, so I have pretty much been sleeping all day and all night these last few days, feeling like shit. BUT, that is not what I want to focus on now, because I’m so much better and tomorrow I will finally get my ass over to the gym again for a wicked legworkout, and I’ll love every freakin rep!

When you’re so used to working out everyday and never missing more than two days in a row, 6 days is an eternity… I’ll be skipping into the gym tomorrow!

Otherwise I’ve been good, been to Ikea, to the movies (way to many times), awesome coffee date with a swedish girl and a german girl etc. The weeks pass so quickly it’s crazy!

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