Sweet Ass Bro



A positive mindset and affirmations can take you such a long way, without you even knowing about it. Some people love to complain about small things, big things, all things. What is there to gain from complaints? A few “aaw”s and compassionate looks here and there, sure, if that will make you happy… Except that it wont. It will shine a spotlight on all the bad things in your life and you’ll be walking around with a shitload of bad energy, and what you send out is what you get back. Like a big fat bill right in your postbox baby.

However, if you make a decicion to look at life without complaints, without doubt, fear, stress or anything that can affect you negatively, then you’ll see astonishing things happening. I know it might sound like a bunch of mumbo jumbo for those who never tried it, but I am asking you to open your mind to it, it’s so worth it. If changing your whole way of thinking is onetwothree steps to many, then start with just writing what you want and what is your happiness, on a piece of paper. Look at it, say it out loud, believe in it. 

Ever since I started seeing how positive thinking and affirmations could change your life to the better, bringing dreams and opportunities to your doorstep as long as you let it, I have always tried to be positive about where I am and what I do. If I see myself in a situation I don’t love, I change it, I don’t settle. Trying to see everything with a happy mindset and accepting things that hasn’t gone the way I expected them to, as well as encouraging loved ones to do the same, has brought me to my dream. For real. Here in Australia, surrounded by likeminded people exploding with ideas and ambitions. How wicked is that?! And the craziest part is that I didn’t even have to search for it, I didn’t know what I was searching for or that I was even searching, I just kept doing what I loved to do, never settling for less then complete happiness, and all of a sudden I got a phone call from the other side of Australia, (I was in Sunshine Coast and got a call from Perth) with an offer to do all that I love, for a living, and being a part of what is going to be an exciting journey to greatness. Just a few weeks after that call I flew over to Perth to meet Sarah who I’d only spoken with on the phone, hoping that this thing would work out, and well, here I am still, totally working it out.

I am so happy to say that I’ll be staying in Perth permanently, to work in this new incredible Wellness centre and Eco Eatery, helping people find balance and health in their lives as well getting to work with what I’m most passionate about. I’m gonna be working with real, nutritious food creations, talking about nutrition to people that wanna learn, helping people in their fitness journey, how to eat and to train in a balanced lifestyle etc etc. So if there are any Perth living readers out there, I hope to see you at the centre as soon as we open the doors, cuz it will be freakin fantastic! Right now I’m in the process of getting all my certificates and courses done and after that I’m good to go, and I can’t wait!

Thanks a million Sarah for finding me and letting me into your dreamteam!

We’re still in the working progress stage but make sure to follow @ecoeatery on instagram and Eco Eatery on Facebook for updates and crazy delicious recipies of nutritious foods. You’ll ofcourse get to follow the progress here as well and to all the Perth people, see ya soon babes!



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