Sweet Ass Bro



Sorry for sucky quality but I just found the picture to the left waaaay back in my instagram and I was quite fascinated because I don’t even remember looking like that. Doesn’t feel like me. It’s not extreme, I know, but it’s my body´s way of showing an unhealthy lifestyle.

I remember that around that time I was pretty much the laziest person ever. I have always had interests that doesn’t include much moving around, like web design, photography, writing etc. And sports was never a favorite. In fact, I was always kind of hoping that I could somehow miss P.E in school, since I hated it so much, tried to book in dentist appointments and stuff like that at those hours hehe… 

I have also always been an “all or nothing” person, which is great because it means that what I put my mind and soul into I do to 120 % and the outcome is pretty great. But it has also meant that things that don’t interest me, I put absolutely no effort into. And with food it’s always been “all” over nothing, whenever I ate candy and food I liked I would eat until i felt sick or really full. I only ate what I liked which was all kinds of starchy processed stuff, breads, pasta, potatoes, pizza, pancakes as well as the “typical” swedish foods like ready made meatballs and mash potatoes with a cream sauce. Lots and lots of additives, sugars and bad carbs that totally messed up my inside and outside without me giving it a second thought. Probably because I didn’t know there was something wrong with my lifestyle. I didn’t know the additives and the empty calories and the GMOs were making me a pain at home because I couldn’t handle my emotions and my PMS got worse, etc. I could drink litres of milk and macaronies with butter and “aromat” (don’t know the english word) would be a dream dinner for me. 

I am so unbelievably happy that I have completely turned my life around and come such a long way both in how my body looks and feels but also in protecting my mind from things that was messing with my mood and my way of thinking. People who have come to me for help with what to eat and what to train wonder if they are being annoying asking me for help without me getting anything in return. NO WAY. Sharing my passion and helping others find their own paths into health and fitness is what I’m meant to do and to be asked for help is a reward in itself.



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