Sweet Ass Bro



Heya! So sorry it’s been so quiet on here, I’ve had heaps to do these last few days, especially with planning and co-hosting a girls night at Eco Hair last friday. I was a bit stressed out throughout the day since we had about a million things to get done and foods to prepare, but we managed and the night went great so I came home at like 10 pm (which is a bit past my bedtime hehe) and still full of energy and adrenalin. 

This event was a girls night at the hair salon that Sarah owns. A bunch of lovely ladies showed up to get their hair and makeup done by the awesome staff while enjoying and learning about the healthy, vegan and delicious dishes we had prepared for the event. We started the night off by welcoming the girls with a coldpressed juice and a probiotic shot. Next up was cheese and crackers – vegan nut cheese with home made vegan and gluten free crackers. That was a real hit, they loved it! With that, they got to enjoy a glass of organic, vegan and preservative free wine (if you’re gonna drink alcohol, this is definitely the best option). After that came mini rainbow sushi rolls with a clean (most other soy sauces have sugar and additives) soy sauce, then mexican corn cakes with homemade salsa, Sarah yummy detox soup with a crunchy piece of celery. For desert we had prepared some super cute Raw ball cones, which was three different types of raw balls, with a cone made out of dehydrated banana cream. How wicked?! Also a big hit. With that, some fruit skewers.

I had a great time even though I didn’t get a chance to talk to that many people since I was running around preparing and serving the food, but that was real fun and felt so great to be able to present to people what Eco Eatery will be serving and how amazing it will be!



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