Sweet Ass Bro



How fun is it getting a package in the mail filled with cool stuff?! The other day I got a few samples of different mushroom powders from Mikael, one of the “funguys” at Four Sigma Foods. I’ve tried most of these before but it was ages ago and I absolutely love these products so it’s exciting getting the chance to try them again. I also wanted to let Sarah try them and see if these babies would suit Eco Eatery.

The only ones here that I have not yet tried are the chocolate shot and the hot mushroom chocolate, sounds pretty interesting hey? Can’t wait to see what that’s all about. I’ve written a bit about the mushrooms Shiitake, Cordyceps, Reishi, Lions mane and Chaga before on my old blog, but for those who haven’t read that, I’ll tell you a bit about these superfoods.

First of all, Four Sigma Foods has chosen to serve their products in powderform in these small portion bags which is pretty genious because it makes it so much easier than having to bring a whole package if you’re on the run. They have also added some herbs and stevia in some to improve the flavour.

The shiitake mushroom boosts your immune system, cleanses the body from within and supports the liver which results in glowing skin. It’s also cancer preventing.

Then we have the Chaga mushroom, the king of mushrooms. This one is also a very strong cancer fighting mushroom and is number one of all foods on the ORAC list (a list of foods containing most antioxidants). It’s pretty much an anti-everything – anti viral, anti cancer, anti inflammatory etc. It’s classified as an adaptogen which means it helps the body adapt to stress, like if your body is out of balance in some way.

Now to the queen of mushrooms, Reishi! This babe is also an adaptogen (katching!) so it balaces our bodies so if we’re stressed, it calms us down and if we’re exhausted, it brings energy. Pretty cool hey? Reishi can also prolong the delta sleep, which is the deepest and best sleep we have throughout the night. Also good for lowering blood pressure, regulating the hormonal system and lowering cortisol levels.

Cordyceps is the crazy mushroom that grows out of the brain of a certain caterpillar! But don’t you get freaked out, because scientists have found a way to grow these mushrooms in another way, otherwise it would have been super expensive. Anyways, this mushroom is perfect for us training freaks since it improves oxygen levels with 8-15 %, great for recovery, long lasting energy, sexual libido and metabolism. 

Lions mane is a mushroom that boosts our brains with better memory and concentration, protects the nervous system and can protect from deceases like alzheimers, parkinsons, dementia, depressions, anorexia etc. This because it contains a small protein called NGF which stands for neve growth factor. This is needed in our bodies to maintain a certain type of neurons. So there’s a thing called blood brain barrier which carries blood to the central nervous system. The problem is that NFG is too large to go through this membrane which leaves the brain without external supply. The substances in Lions mane can pass through this barrier though.



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